How to run Xlink Kai on DD-WRT Micro - No webserver needed

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PostPosted: Sun Dec 10, 2006 1:52    Post subject: How to run Xlink Kai on DD-WRT Micro - No webserver needed Reply with quote
Ok I figured I would write a quick tut for running Kai on a micro build of DD-WRT (ie v5+ of GS or G), I know there are a couple of tuts floating around but none that I could find that specifically define things for a micro build.
This is written from the point of view of running generic v23 sp1 final, (I found that sp2 was missing the wget command from ssh) and running windows xp. Everything that you need to change is in full caps.

1. Goto and download the Linux->mips->Kaid.tar file

2. Extract the file (with winrar) and edit the kaid.conf file so it looks like this:

UIBind = :34522
OrbPort = 34525
EngineBind = :37500
SniffDevice = br0
Protocol = 4
ConfigURL =
Username =
Password =
AutoLogin =
IgnoreTCP = 1

Just remember to change XBOXMACADDRESS to your real xbox MAC address in the XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX format, that is the only change you need to make, also leave the ; after the MAC address.

3. FTP to your xbox and transfer your newly edited kaid.conf file and kaid file that you extracted earlier to the E partition of your Xbox hard drive.
4. Telnet to your router and run the following command (make sure your xbox is powered on):

wget ftp://xbox:xbox@XBOXIP/e/kaid -O /tmp/kaid
wget ftp://xbox:xbox@XBOXIP/e/kaid.conf -O /tmp/kaid.conf
chmod 755 /tmp/kaid
/tmp/kaid -d -c /tmp/kaid.conf

Obviously insert your correct xbox IP where specified (this also assumes you havent changed your default ftp username or password if you have the format is username:password) you must also be using a passive ftp dash i.e. Xbmc not Evox.

5. Alternatively you could save those commands as a startup script, just copy and paste it into the box in your router UI (under Administration tab, Diagnostics sub tab) then click save as startup. Just remember to have you xbox running and able to receive ftp when you reboot your router.

I hope this helps someone.
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PostPosted: Mon Dec 27, 2010 14:08    Post subject: Reply with quote
I tried your instructions and it appears to have completed but the mac address part was unclear. Do I add my xbox mac like this XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX or like this XXXXXXXXXXXX? I tried it with XXXXXXXXXXXX and it and my xbox cannot see the engine. Is there a script I also need to have the router run?


Ok I found out that if I run all the commands and test, it can see the the Xlink Kai Engine now. but I would like for the router to load the engine at all times without me having to load the commands. is it possible for it to store the files on the router instead of having to get the files everytime it starts up? Then I can load the script for it to start KAI without Telnet being activated.
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