Most countries are applying lock downs to get the current pandemic under control. As a result many companies sent their employees to the home office to reduce the contacts as well. DD-WRT®‘s VPN capabilities can help keeping working from home safe.

While working from home is common in the communications technology sector it is mostly new to many other industries. Many companies struggle with the challenges of setting up the required infrastructure and often do not find suiteable end user devices to place in their employees’ homes. DD-WRT® provides an alternative that runs on hundreds of different devices and offering several industry standard and secury VPN implementations. This flexibility makes DD-WRT® an excellent choice make it beeing recommended like in this article of an ISP (in German).

Beside the client capabilites a router with DD-WRT® installed can also serve as a VPN server for small offices and companies. The DD-WRT® community provides tons of information how to setup VPN connections and thousands of forum users can help interested users to solve issues with such a setup. Don’t wait and secure your employees’ home offices and your business!

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