The DD-WRT community is one of the major drives behind the project. Lots of supporters around the world are giving feedback on new versions and helping other users with issues that arise.

At this place we also want to thank all the active members of the DD-WRT community that are actively supporting the project and the DD-WRT community.


The place to meet and discuss with other DD-WRT users. If you have a specific problem, often solutions can be found here and you can also ask the experts. Because the community nature of the forum sometimes it can take some time until you get a response – but please keep in mind that many of the forum experts are spending their free time to help you.


The DD-WRT wiki contains the instructions and manuals provided by the DD-WRT community. Some instructions are available in several languages, most in english or german. Here you can find detailed solutions for many issues around configuring DD-WRT for specific purposes. Of course you are also welcome to add your own instructions for a case that the nobody did describe, yet.


Often people want to donate something to support DD-WRT. Of course this is always welcome, especially the donation of hardware platforms and devices we do not have for porting can be a great help.

Latest DD-WRT Releases

To obtain the matching version for your router please use the Router Database:

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