Although often being used with consumer class hardware DD-WRT offers enterprise class features that cover most of the requirements of professional users. Combined with professional grade embedded hardware users can build powerful solutions for advanced indoor and outdoor applications.

Wireless Infrastructure, Hotspot & Mesh

DD-WRT’s highly optimized drivers for Atheros® based radios allow building up reliable wireless network infrastructures based on different hardware platforms. Depending on the hardware deployed DD-WRT driven routers can bridge distances more than 50 km while allowing state of the art encryption. For problematical environment with high noise levels quarter and half channels can be used while the turbo mode allows effective throughputs up to 65 MBit/sec (TCP) and 80 MBit (UDP) with appropriate radio conditions over shorter distances. DD-WRT has integrated several hotspot clients and full support for RADIUS authentication over WPA2. Also the routing protocols and the wireless modes required for mesh networking are there.

Industrial Solutions

In many industrial applications WLAN has become a standard way to exchange information. With the broad range of supported hardware for industrial use cases DD-WRT can be used to build rock solid, industrial grade wireless routers to be used as access point, repeater or client. With the many features contained in DD-WRT it’s possible to build up powerful solutions with standard hardware for an affordable price.


In many cases DD-WRT cannot be used without some modifications, ranging from simple graphical adjustments to more complex feature modifications / enhancements. We support companies interested in such modifications to achieve the desired results. It’s also possible to design complete solutions for special use cases including the required hardware and network infrastructure.

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