Router Support Detection

If your router model is not listed in the router database it is possible to find out if it would be possible to build DD-WRT support for the device. DD-WRT router support mainly depends on the chipsets (cpu, wireless NIC, ethernet chip etc.) used. By providing such information it’s much easier for us to give you a fast response.

Before you start research check the forum for somebody else who did post the information. That saves you a lot of time and effort.

How to find information about the chipsets in the device?

There are several ways to find out what chipsets are used. The easiest one is if there is an FCC-ID at the back of the device. With this ID you can check at for the device. If it’s not a fake (what can happen in far east) you will find various technical information and pictures of the routers main board.

If you don’t find information there you can also open the device and take a look by yourself – but be aware that you will likely loose warranty by doing this.

With the chipset(s) identified (manufacturer & model) we can now go to the next step.

Is the device incompatible in general?

There are several wireless and cpu chipsets we do not support (yet). Please check the following list for incompatible chipsets:

  • MARVELL (maybe in future versions)
  • Ubicom (no way, there is no Linux support available)
  • Realtek

There are some vendors (for instance Realtek) that also do provide ethernet switch chipsets, some of them can be supported. So if you find other chipsets from Broadcom, Atheros or RAlink you might not be lost, yet.

Next check is for the devices flash chip size. Check out the chip (if you found it) at Datasheet Catalog. The following flash chip sizes are required:

  • min. 2 MB for Broadcom and ADM5120 based devices
  • min. 4 MB for Atheros and RAlink based devices

If the results show that the router could be supported and there is no forum thread regarding the related device you can start a new topic at the forum with the subject “<your device with revision>” and post all the information you did obtain:

  • FCC-ID
  • hires pictures of internals with CPU, RAM, FLASH, PCB
  • maybe RAM/Flash sizes and types and CPU type if known

and for Broadcom devices (if possible)

Please also send us a note via the contact form so we are notified and can trac the request.

In the wiki there is a similar article targeted for Broadcom based devices that might be of interest because it contains further information especially for finding information about button & LED support.

Latest DD-WRT Releases

To obtain the matching version for your router please use the Router Database:

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