There are several ways to donate to the project. It’s always helpful to get our hands on hardware that we currently do not support – this is also the something the community benefits from because thus we can support more devices. Other people want to financially support us directly or indirectly. Please check the donation options below.


We – the dd-wrt team – are very glad when we get hardware donations, especially devices we do not have for porting. But sometimes German Customs is not pleased when the sender does not follow certain formalities. That can cause trouble for us (and what’s worse requires a lot of time we then do not have for development). This can be easily avoided if you follow some simple rules:

  1. Use the “Commercial_Invoice_Template“, you can fill it completely electronically;
  2. Take care for the hardware value – if it is used take something < USD 50,- / EUR 40,-;
  3. Unwrap the hardware if it’s in the original package and only put the device and required accessories into the box for shipping.
    Please do not add the power supply if it does not have a valid CE label!
    Customs became very strict and we often have trouble to get clearance for devices and especially the power supplies.
  4. Contact us at before sending the device and tell us what hardware you are sending. That’s because we sometimes get requests from customs and they do not tell us what´s inside the package.

Please keep in mind that sending hardware is a one way ticket – in most cases we have to open the device an make some hardware modifications, sometimes the unit gets damaged. Please consider this carefully before sending a device.

Donating money

Some people want to support dd-wrt financially, that can be done via :

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