Most users are satisfied with DD-WRT as we do provide it. But especially commercial users require changes to DD-WRT to better reflect their business case. For such users we do offer customization services that result in customized firmwares for the required hardware platforms that are specifically adjusted to the specific use case.

Below you can find some of the major areas of customization, for further information please send us an e-mail using our contact form.

Visual Modifications & Custom Defaults

The most common requirement is the branding of DD-WRT for special purposes. This can vary from placing a custom logo in the control interface to changing the whole look of it. Thus ISPs for instance can deploy firmwares on devices provided to their customers that contain the company brand and have default settings for their network infrastructure thus ensuring that basic settings are matching the network requirements even after resetting a device.

Support of Special Hardware Components

For special requirements it’s also possible to support hardware platforms not commonly used. This can be the case in industrial environments or environments with extreme conditions where the devices have to be extremely durable and reliable. Also special hardware components, for instance 3G equipment, WIMAX & GPS modules, can be supported if there is sufficient documentation and driver information.

Integration of Custom Services

Although DD-WRT contains a lot of features there are always services or special features that are not commonly required or services that don’t make sense on most platforms because of performance or special hardware requirements. But of course it is possible to integrate such services / features upon request.

Latest DD-WRT Releases

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