Q: I want to use DD-WRT but do not know if my router is supported, where can I get this information?
A: Please check the router database first. If the router is not listed, please follow the instructions for device detection to find out if router support is possible.

Q: I want to install DD-WRT, where do I get the files and instructions required?< /br>
A: Please go to the router database, and enter your router model. If the router is known a list with matching entries is is displayed indicating if the router is supported and if an activation is required. (For personal use we do provide one activation for free) When you click onto the right entry for your router a list of matching files & instructions is displayed.

Q: I did install DD-WRT on my router but when I try to access the control panel via my web browser with the address as username and a password is required. What do I have to enter?
A: The default username / password combination is “root” / “admin”.

Q: I did forget the password I did set, what can I do to access the router’s control panel?
A: The only way to re-access your router is resetting it to factory defaults. To do this on most router models you have to press the reset button of the router for appr. 20sec when powering the router up. Please keep in mind that this means that all settings you made are lost.

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To obtain the matching version for your router please use the Router Database:

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